Mogwai FormMaker is a visual form editing tool for developing Swing forms using the JGoodies FormLayout. Using this tool you can fast and easily develop rich client forms.

Since FormLayout is a grid based layout, you can create consistent and good looking forms. More about FormLayout and it’s features can be read at

The FormMaker contains two powerful modules : a visual editor for rapid form development. The second part is a Java source generator. This generator will create all the Java classes for you.

Mogwai FormMaker stores it’s design information in a xml files. This file can easily be interpreted and adapted to even more enhance your development process. Thus, FormMaker can be freely extended.

With FormMaker, you can export your designed forms directly as a Java Server Faces (JSF) page. At the moment, the Sun JSF RI implementation and Apache MyFaces are supported. The code generation is template based, so you can customize the generation for your personal or project needs.

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